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Les Hauts de Gordes (Gordes, France)

Les Hauts de Gordes (Gordes, France)

Weeks Off : a practical and inspiring guide
– dedicated to vacation homes.

Mas, villas, châteaux, bastides, manoirs, townhouses, or country homes… Weeks Off offers an exclusive curation of fully privatized places to live : unique, welcoming and naturally embodied by their owners. We scout throughout France, selecting homes that inspire us the most—those that stand out for their character, location, design, or architecture, and are the result of the work of individuals driven by a genuine sense of hospitality. Our ambition? To convey the history and uniqueness of each of these homes through a detailed article format.

The Good Life : “Weeks Off will help you rent your next vacation home.”

Goodmoods : “The most beautiful houses to experience the French way of life.”

Marie Claire Maison : “Your new favorite guide to find the perfect vacation home.”

For two years now, Thibaud Elzière and Robin Michel, co-founders of Iconic House, have been shaking up the hospitality sector and deepening their understanding of the luxury seasonal rental market with the creation of the first collection of (soon to be five!) hotel houses in France. A journey that only confirms their intuition.

“The trend is becoming evident: prioritizing the freedom and intimacy offered by private homes over hotels, for more authentic vacations, without sacrificing comfort and style, is becoming the number one choice for many clients, says Robin Michel”.

And the emergence of a new realization: “Faced with an existing but highly scattered seasonal rental offer, we are convinced of the opportunity to create a reference media to highlight these exceptional properties and vacations,” Thibaud Elzière continues.

Robin Michel (left) and Thibaud Elzière (right)

Robin Michel (left) and Thibaud Elzière (right)

Le Point : “This guide features addresses all offering exceptional services, each with a unique story.”
Le Filtre : “There’s something for every taste, and for every corner of paradise, the website offers a detailed article that captures the uniqueness of the places along with all the practical information.”

Le Moulin (Perche, France).

Le Moulin (Perche, France).

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