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Le Temple

Casa Cazorla

On the road to Cap Ferret, the most Spanish of country houses

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Nestled among olive trees, this Girondine residence, reminiscent of a Spanish manor, appears almost like a mirage. Featuring elegant arcades set within a 7,000m² park, it offers a perfect setting to spend blissful days under the Southwestern sun.

On the road to Cap Ferret, the most Spanish of country houses

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"The Casa is a delightful decorative blend conducive to a change of scenery."

Some encounters are simply meant to be, like the one between Bordeaux entrepreneur Anne-Laure Mais and the enchanting Casa Cazorla. Described as “a villa that stole our hearts in the middle of nature,” Anne-Laure and her husband first spotted it while returning from a trip along the Atlantic coast, during their search for a property to renovate. Serendipitously, it became available for sale just a few days later, and the project took off. The couple partnered with architect Arthur Bartherotte, giving him a clear directive: to infuse the property with their Mediterranean roots. This included influences from Italy, where they often vacation; the Basque coast, significant to her; Cap Ferret, important to him; and Spain, the homeland of Anne-Laure’s grandmother and the inspiration behind the villa’s name, Cazorla. Now, this beautifully reimagined property welcomes all. Welcome to Casa Cazorla.

Casa Cazorla: The Fantasy of a Spanish Hacienda
– on the Atlantic Coast

A majestic 100m² living room with a ceiling soaring to 5 meters in height.

A majestic 100m² living room with a ceiling soaring to 5 meters in height.

For her beloved Casa Cazorla, Anne-Laure aimed to infuse a subtle ambiance with vintage undertones while faithfully preserving the Latin-inspired essence that served as the foundation for the house’s renovation. This decorative intention is evident throughout the rooms, particularly in the living room with awe-inspiring five-meter-high ceilings. A nave adorned in neutral tones, where an antique Spanish dining table takes center stage, discovered – albeit with some effort – at a Southwest antique dealer. A masterpiece around which friends gather, accompanied by an elegant contrast of slender wrought iron and cane chairs.

There’s a distinct art to blending natural and mineral materials, a skill beautifully demonstrated in Casa Cazorla through elements like twisted wooden column pedestals, pottery, and wicker lighting fixtures that accentuate the space. Upstairs, on the ground floor, and in the annex, the six sleeping quarters further confirm the desire for a return to refined natural elements. This is achieved through lime-washed walls or antique-patterned cement tiles in the bathrooms. The Iberian lands have never felt so close!

A warm house
– where to bring people together

With its 250m² of interior space, there is no more ideal address than this new genre hacienda to gather with the people we love. Especially in its kitchen with large arches – inspired by the orangeries of Bordeaux castles – where we cook together and nibble along the way before heading to the annex – equipped with a video projector – to indulge in movie nights. The atmosphere of relaxation extends into the vast garden, where you can surrender to leisure with a nap on one of the sun loungers.

A row of majestic French doors to immerse oneself in the greenery!

A row of majestic French doors to immerse oneself in the greenery!

Here, it’s not just about embracing the lush greenery but also enjoying the water! The region is teeming with surfing spots that are readily accessible: a mere 15-minute drive takes you to Le Porge beach, and in under an hour, you can reach the Arcachon Basin. There, spend a day exploring on a traditional pinasse boat to the Banc d’Arguin, or take a leisurely pause at the harbor to enjoy some fresh oysters. You can also cycle through the Landes forest for a scenic stroll around Cap Ferret.

The 3 things

we love the most

The hacienda spirit of the house
The decoration is both sharp and minimalist
The ideal location, just a few kilometers from the Atlantic coast


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Casa Cazorla

33680, Le Temple, France

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