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The Pool Suite in Arles, a pool house in the heart of the city
The Pool Suite in Arles, a pool house in the heart of the city


Arles Pool Suite

In the heart of Arles, an enchanting oasis for vacationing couples

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Nestled at the end of an Arlesian cul-de-sac, Pool Suite is the sunny project of three friends who have transformed an ancient house into the perfect spot for a true urban getaway, halfway between culture and relaxation.

In the heart of Arles, an enchanting oasis for vacationing couples

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"The spirit and light of the Camargue remind me of Texas, where I was born."

When strolling through the neighborhood of La Roquette in Arles, made up of winding alleys adorned with colorful stones, nothing suggests the existence of such an urban oasis. Concealed behind a rustic wooden Romanesque door lies a contemporary duplex adorned with expansive windows, featuring a bedroom nestled above a serene patio pool. Behind this tranquil retreat are Joseph Salah, a French-American artistic director, and Cécile and Mathieu Gilles, a couple of real estate agents hailing from the Camargue region. Their vision? To create an intimate and discreet haven of peace, with a water feature, to recharge in the heart of the city. It’s a successful bet because the ideal location of the house – in the center but at the end of a dead-end street and surrounded by high walls – completely isolates from the city noises. Who said you couldn’t have it all?

A water feature, to recharge

The Rencontres de la Photographie d’Arles—a niche yet globally acclaimed event—played a pivotal role in Joseph’s introduction to Arles, ultimately leading him to plant roots there permanently. Following several summers spent enraptured by the city’s charm, the longing to establish a year-round pied-à-terre took hold, with one essential criterion: a pool. Eventually, it was through the creation of this pool suite—an annex to his primary residence—that he fulfilled this aspiration, with the unwavering support of Cécile and Mathieu.

Together, they embarked on the transformation of this ancient Roman fisherman’s house—a dilapidated ruin or the sole remaining vacant plot in the historic center. The trio then envisioned this room suspended above the turquoise (and salty) water and entrusted its construction to the local architect Max Romanet.

A traditional Romanesque vault that hides this unexpected gem.

A traditional Romanesque vault that hides this unexpected gem.

A pool suite inspired by elsewhere
– but undeniably Arlesian

Inspired by the color and texture of the old stone from Fontvieille – affectionately dubbed the “stone of Provence” and integral to Arlesian architecture for millennia – the décor aims to be understated and minimalist, a ‘non-issue’ as Joseph puts it. To achieve this, the merry group favored natural materials: wood, lime, iron, and exotic vegetation, all blending seamlessly into the surroundings. A true tableau inspiring calm and serenity. As a seasoned traveler, Joseph also brought his vision of a clean and timeless spirit drawn from the Aman Hotels, which he never tires of despite his repeated visits over the years.

As it celebrates its 3rd anniversary in 2024, this waterfront abode exudes a timeless charm, seamlessly blending into its surroundings—a feat owed in part to adherence to local architectural conventions. Take, for instance, the bay window design, reminiscent of 19th-century Arlesian architecture, and the gate crafted by skilled local carpenters following time-honored traditions. From the minimalist architecture emanates a sensitive balance between contemporary and ancient, which fits into the tradition of restoring classified monuments in the ancient city of Arles.


You arrive just like at a hotel, warmly welcomed into this place designed with the characteristics of the finest luxury suites. But after a restful night’s sleep, it’s time to savor the privacy that only a private home can offer. Enjoy a tranquil breakfast by the pool, then take a leisurely stroll to the nearby market to gather fresh squid, prawns, and other culinary delights for a delectable feast on the open kitchen’s plancha. As the sun reaches its zenith, take a well-deserved break, basking in the pool’s perfect illumination between noon and two. And when the courtyard is cast in shade, it’s a subtle cue to explore the charming streets of Arles! Consider a visit to the Cloître rooftop for a different perspective, or simply indulge in a poolside rosé, thoughtfully provided by Joseph, perfectly in tune with the setting.

An afternoon by the pool, away from the scorching sun.

An afternoon by the pool, away from the scorching sun.

The 3 things

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The floating room above the water
The two perspectives upon entering through the gate and sitting facing the basin
Absolute calm, right in the heart of Arles


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Destination Arles


Arles train station

8 min

Nîmes Pont-du-Gard train station

24 min

Avignon - Provence airport

50 min


L’épicier moderne (wine bar)

3 min

Inari (Franco-Vietnamese fusion cuisine)

9 min

Le Criquet (Mediterranean cuisine)

10 min

Shops and Craft workshops

Fournil de la Roquette (bakery)

0 min

Moustique (home decor store)

10 min

Nature, Culture and Heritage

LUMA Arles

5 min

Arènes d’Arles

9 min

Arles Pool Suite

Arles, Rue Fleury Prudhon, 13200, Arles, France

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