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large wooden dining table
large wooden dining table


Casa Keçe

A country house near Paris with a flair for design

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In the heart of the Vexin, set against the backdrop of a picturesque stone village, lies Casa Kece, a 19th-century farmhouse that has been transformed into a modernist design gem.

A country house near Paris with a flair for design

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"A family affair.”

In the peaceful countryside not far from Paris stands Casa Kece, a gem of architecture and design. Dating back to 1892, this property was once a farmhouse before being completely redesigned in 2018 by Onur and Alix Kece, a couple with a passion for travel, gastronomy, and design. Today, it sits proudly among the most popular holiday homes for city dwellers in search of some nature or design enthusiasts—an absolute favorite.

The quest for the ideal home

Half shadow, half sun

Half shadow, half sun

After months of scouring the Ile-de-France region for the perfect home, the creative, entrepreneurial duo (he runs a communications agency while she has founded her own fashion label, Heimstone) settled on this derelict farmhouse and fell under its spell: a property nestling in a pretty Val-d’Oise village in the French Vexin region, around 50 km north-west of Paris.

The property harmoniously combines the charm of Vexin stone with a modern, minimalist yet warm style, reflecting the couple’s diverse inspirations: from the wood-fired cooking of Francis Mallman that they love so much to exotic Asian influences, not forgetting New York, where they once lived. One thing is certain: this place is just like them and strikes a perfect balance between rusticity, and modernity.

A property of taste and style

The interior of Casa Kece is characterized by its unique design. From the project’s outset, the couple naturally shared the roles of architect for Onur and decorator for Alix.

The main house, measuring around 200 square meters, has five bedrooms, including a master suite designed in the spirit of a New York loft with a fireplace, sauna, and an exotic wood bathroom inspired by the finest Asian hotels. The vast lounge is the property’s central (and main) room. The outbuildings, measuring 50 and 35 m², each offer a private living space with a double bedroom, bathroom, lounge, and terrace – perfect for multi-family stays. In total, the estate can accommodate up to 15 people.

Alix and Onur have created a unique atmosphere, blending raw materials such as waxed concrete – which is very present in the decor – lime and wood. Particular care has been taken with the decor, which is a real success, with vintage furniture complemented by ultra-contemporary pieces. In many ways, the place also seems to borrow specific codes from the wabi-sabi aesthetic. This Japanese spiritual concept celebrates the beauty of simple things and the art of imperfect perfection.

In the open air

The 3400 m² of grounds have been superbly laid out, offering a variety of living spaces: a bar area with a pétanque court, a terrace with a Nordic bath heated over a wood fire, a stone pizza oven, and several braziers. Meanwhile, the vegetable garden invites you to pick fresh vegetables and cook locally. In short, it is a secret paradise where you can enjoy the true joys of the countryside, an El Dorado that fully reflects the Kece philosophy and that will be hard to leave once you’ve packed your bags.

In a wanderlust mood? Nature lovers will be just as pleased with the many walks in the surrounding forests, the cycling paths galore, the nearby horse-riding clubs… Yes, what a perfect life.

Wood for winter (but not only!)

Wood for winter (but not only!)

The 3 things

we love the most

The modernist, minimalist décor
Easy access from Paris
The uniqueness of the place and the genius of its owners


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Casa Keçe

95640, Haravilliers, France

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