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bathtub in the suite near the fireplace
bathtub in the suite near the fireplace


Château de la Bourlie

A medieval castle transposed into the artistic era of the 21st century

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In the fascinating region of Périgord, Château de la Bourlie, acting as a bridge between eras, invites us to an immersive experience in history while embracing the spirit of the 21st century.

A medieval castle transposed into the artistic era of the 21st century

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"We dream with people."

Entering Château de la Bourlie, you step into a world where the art of living meets contemporary art and the preservation of heritage. With half of its sprawling 1,000m² space, featuring a unique blend of contemporary and medieval aesthetics, available for rent, the castle marries luxury with comfort. Its main wing boasts six lavish suites, each one thoughtfully restored to display stunning designs, and additional accommodations in the Fournial wing can welcome up to 18 guests. Every room pays tribute to the culture, and each has a distinct theme. The extensive 6-hectare grounds are home to a crystal-clear saltwater pool and Les Bories, a repurposed tobacco barn for four guests. The castle enhances your stay with custom services from a discreet, attentive team and the gourmet offerings of a chef dedicated to using produce from the on-site permaculture garden or locally sourced organic goods.

An artistic endeavor.

Heirs to over 800 years of history, Cyril de Commarque, born and raised on these ancestral lands, along with his wife Ortensia Visconti di Modrone, passionately dedicate themselves to the preservation and evolution of this 13th-century family castle, cultivating its allure and modernity for future generations.

Château de la Bourlie stands as a true hub of artistic expression. Paintings, sculptures, and contemporary artworks coexist harmoniously with vaulted ceilings, carved wood, and classical furniture, reflecting the couple’s shared passion for architecture, the arts, and nature. Ortensia has personally chosen the colors that adorn the castle, while sculptural pieces, like the cherry trees crafted from reclaimed materials placed in front of mirrors in one of the lounges, are Cyril’s artistic creations. This art journey concludes with a walk through a corridor illuminated by 2500 suspended crystals.

The medieval vaults of the Antarios suite.

The medieval vaults of the Antarios suite.

Also, a place for living and day-dreaming.

Dinners at Château de la Bourlie.

Dinners at Château de la Bourlie.

The castle becomes a place for special moments as it becomes a vacation spot for groups looking to enjoy its magical atmosphere.

Settle in for a few weeks, discover with awe and amusement the sumptuous decor, organize receptions to share the atmosphere with passing friends, and make sure to take them to the Lascaux caves, the closest you can come to the birth of humanity.

Back at the castle, gather around a grand 14-meter table set on land excavated at lawn level to share a meal, extending into the late evening with lively discussions. A unique moment unfolds: the truffle hunting experience in the Périgord park, accompanied by the gardener in a gastronomic exploration mode!

An ecological rebirth.

The recent history of Château de la Bourlie is that of a rehabilitation project led by Cyril and Ortensia. This undertaking is rooted in a reflection primarily focused on ecology (not forgetting the social aspect accompanying its realization). With the guidance of their architect friend Cristiano Benzoni, this has resulted in a dialogue between the memory of the place, Cyril’s childhood memories, and the necessity to anchor the castle in the contemporary era.

The ecological approach takes shape through various aspects, including using numerous innovative environmental materials. For instance, the panels in the dining room are crafted from recycled plastic petals, creating a striking contrast with the carved wood elements from the 19th century. Insulation is made from wood fiber, a wood boiler provides heating, and the castle eschews air conditioning, relying on thick walls to regulate temperature variations. What’s even more remarkable is that the castle has its own water treatment system sourced from its spring.

Applauded by professionals in the tourism industry, this initiative demonstrates that heritage preservation and ecological modernity can harmoniously coexist.

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Château de la Bourlie

Château de la Bourlie, 24480, Urval, France

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