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view of the front of the house and its large terrace
view of the front of the house and its large terrace


Domaine de Canaille

The most exclusive historical domain of the French Riviera

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In the idyllic landscape of Cassis on the French Riviera stands the Domaine de Canaille. A spectacular villa that reveals the passion of a Parisian couple for (luxury) hospitality.

The most exclusive historical domain of the French Riviera

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"This residence is more than just a luxury villa; it's a haven of memories and beauty."

Guided by fond memories, entrepreneur Marie Trepoz found her way to the Canaille Estate. Reminiscing about the sunny summers of her childhood near Toulon, she and her husband set out to find their own home on the French Riviera. They didn’t expect to stumble upon such a treasure: the estate’s rich history and the stunning view of the bay captivated them, revealing the immense potential of this once-dilapidated residence. And it’s easy to see why! The Canaille Estate is the epitome of exclusivity: an 11-bedroom villa with a vast 400 m² terrace offering views of the turquoise waters of Plage de l’Arène, accessible by a private path in just 5 minutes. Its panoramic vistas and stunning pool are set on 60 hectares beneath Cap Canaille, right in the heart of the Calanques National Park.

A historic estate.

The history of this house, dating back to at least 1840, is fascinating. Initially a pigsty, it evolved into the summer residence of a prominent Marseille lawyer for three decades, up until 1910. After being inherited by his daughter, the house underwent another transformation, becoming a hotel from 1932 to 1956. This chapter of its history is evidenced by vintage postcards discovered on the property. Known as Hôtel du Revestel during its hotel era, it had the distinction of hosting notable figures like Virginia Woolf and Winston Churchill during their visits to the French Riviera.

The closure of the hotel was a significant turning point for the property. It passed through the hands of various entrepreneurs, with plans ranging from developing the entire Cap Canaille area to creating a thalassotherapy center. However, these projects never materialized due to a lack of approval. After standing uninhabited for 30 years, the son of the last entrepreneur inherited the property and initiated some renovations in 1986. When the current owners purchased it in 2016, the house still sported a 1980s style with traces of 1960s architecture, clearly indicating the need for a complete overhaul.

Exceptional view for an exceptional estate.

Exceptional view for an exceptional estate.

A majestic transformation

Elevate your experience at Cap Canaille!

Elevate your experience at Cap Canaille!

The villa’s facade, characterized by its imbalance and windows of varying sizes that obstructed the sea view, required a transformation. The goal was to modernize this structure into a tranquil haven while honoring its original essence. Led by Strasbourg architect Julien Rhinn, the renovation became a remarkable transformation journey. The south facade was metamorphosed to achieve harmonious proportions. The most striking change involved removing and replacing an octagonal tower with a massive glass window. This alteration resulted in a room with an 8-meter-high cathedral ceiling, providing stunning, unobstructed views of the Mediterranean.

The villa’s interior was thoughtfully redesigned, focusing on high-quality materials like stone and wood. Each space, from the cozy winter lounge with its fireplace and padded bench to the sunlit modern kitchen, was crafted to embody a welcoming, family-friendly atmosphere. The decor includes an oak dining table by Benoist Pissot, petrified wood coffee tables from Design Art Nature, a sculpture by Chloé Desrousseaux, a cherished family antique piano, and antique Indonesian and Chinese furniture, adding unique character to each room. After an impressive seven months of work, the house was ready to open its doors for rental in 2018, showcasing its spectacular transformation.

An unparalleled experience.

Marie has meticulously attended to every detail to elevate the experience at Domaine de Canaille. Guests start their day with fresh bread and pastries delivered each morning, with the option of a full breakfast buffet. Daily housekeeping maintains the comfort of a spotlessly kept home. The 13-meter heated pool, available from April to October, and the jacuzzi, heated year-round to 38°C and offering stunning mountain views, are perfect for relaxation. A mere 15-minute walk away, the village and port of Cassis are delightful to explore. For a unique culinary treat, guests can enjoy meals prepared by an in-home chef, ranging from delivered dishes to exceptional private dinners. Evenings can be spent in the cinema, featuring a giant HD screen and stereo sound for an immersive experience. These carefully considered touches ensure that every stay at the Domaine de Canaille is unforgettable.

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Direct beach access via a private path in just 5 minutes.
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Les Belles Canailles

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Domaine de Canaille

Chemin du Revestel, 13260, Cassis, France

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