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view of the hut and its swimming pool
view of the hut and its swimming pool


La Cabane du Moulin

The most beautiful wooden cabin in the Landes canopy

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This elevated house, located on the edge of the forest just 15 minutes from Hossegor, is a modern interpretation of a treehouse. An ultra-enchanting slowlife experience in the heart of the Landes canopy.

The most beautiful wooden cabin in the Landes canopy

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"Who among us as children didn't dream of a cabin in the trees? A dream come true with this stunning, elevated cabin!"

Nestled on the boundary of a forest in a protected nature reserve is a large cabin constructed from Landes pine wood. It’s an authentic retreat into the natural world, evoking the essence of childhood dreams. This dream has become a reality thanks to Greg and Amélie, two modern-day adventurers. One day, for sheer enjoyment, they sketched their ideal home in a notebook. Incredibly, this casual drawing turned out to be a near-perfect representation of La Cabane du Moulin, a striking example of imagination brought to life.

Cabin and nature
– a seemless integration.

The Cabin, a haven for nature enthusiasts, sits amid a lush 7000 m2 park encircled by a pine forest, fish ponds, and a stream. It boasts a magnificent, multi-level wooden terrace accommodating a large, heated pool with an electric safety cover for children. This space, designed to create lasting summer memories, is the collaborative masterpiece of an architect and a landscape carpenter. A secluded terrace, nestled among the trees, provides the perfect setting for communal meals, possibly featuring exquisite plant-based cuisine, a nod to the Cabin’s owners.

Inside, the Cabin’s interior showcases a clean, bohemian design, featuring natural materials in soft, sandy tones that resonate with the house’s relaxed, slow-paced lifestyle ethos. The workshop, easily convertible into a serene space for yoga and meditation, is equipped with Danish 366 Concept armchairs selected for their comfort and timeless elegance. The master suite, adorned with a plush shaggy rug, a cathedral ceiling, and woven wall sconces, artfully blends minimalism with a bohemian flair. The other three bedrooms, tucked away at the forest’s edge, offer cozy retreats with warm colors and elegant materials. The furniture, handpicked from antique shops and flea markets, including in Charente-Maritime, like the large farmhouse table that seats twelve and the striking sideboard in the workshop, showcases Amélie and Greg’s dedication to finding and rejuvenating exquisite items.

The harmonious fusion of the Cabin’s warm, vintage interior ambiance with the encompassing natural landscape creates an inviting atmosphere, perfect for those who wish to sink into the cozy living room sofas or lose themselves in a good book surrounded by lush foliage.

Vintage, bohemian, and design: a successful balancing act.

Vintage, bohemian, and design: a successful balancing act.

A magical place
– steeped in history.

Initially put up for sale shortly after its completion, Greg and Amélie were pleasantly surprised to discover this suspended house amidst the lush Landes canopy. It offers breathtaking views and an intimate connection with the surrounding forest, with the serenades of birds, verdant shrubs, and occasional deer sightings. They decided to make it their home, crafting an exceptional living space that stimulates the senses beyond being a simple family residence. From May to October, the entire house is available for rent, and during the rest of the year, it operates as a guesthouse. This is when Greg showcases his culinary talents, and Amélie offers art therapy sessions, creating unique visitor experiences.

Named in tribute to the former tile factory that occupied the land, fueled by water from the nearby Mill, the Cabin is located just outside the village of Saubion, on the road to the Mill, a few kilometers from the incredible surfing spot of Hossegor. This tidbit of information is handy if you ever contemplate departing from this serene oasis for a few hours of adventure!

By Gregory, Amélie and Roman !

By Gregory, Amélie and Roman !

The 3 things

we love the most

The treehouse-style
The slow life atmosphere
The strategical location close by the ocean


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Destination Saubion


Dax Station

29 min

Biarritz Airport

40 min

Biarritz Station

45 min


Villa de l'Étang Blanc

10 min

Bistro Balnéaire

12 min

Lou Cabana

13 min


15 min

Shops and Craft workshops

Apis Mellona (honey)

6 min

Fernand Surfboards

10 min

Barajas (grocery shop)

10 min

Nature, Culture and Heritage

Etang Noir

7 min


8 min

Plage des Estagnots

14 min

La Cabane du Moulin

40230, Saubion, France

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