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The dining room of La Roquerie: wooden table and beams, large fireplace
The dining room of La Roquerie: wooden table and beams, large fireplace


La Roquerie

Near Honfleur, the most English of Norman cottages

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You can’t get more rustic than this. The very-charming cottage La Roquerie is one of those addresses that leaves a lasting impression. A little Normandy green paradise with the cradle of Impressionism in the background.

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Near Honfleur, the most English of Norman cottages

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"La Roquerie embodies the charm of a grandmother's house, filled with objects, each telling its own unique story."

La Roquerie perfectly embodies the charm of a thatched cottage lost in the countryside, with an added English touch. Its owner, Aurélie, playfully refers to it as a cottage. With its half-timbered walls, impressive low tiled roof, and lattice windows, La Roquerie seems straight out of an old tale. These Norman volumes, rich in history dating back to the 19th century, have been passionately restored by the host. And you can feel it.

The décor of this rental house is anything but impersonal; it is intensely alive and shaped by the rich imaginative inspirations of its owner. It’s a clever blend of classic French style and cross-channel influences, which she explains are ‘far more daring than ours.’ Here, very British floral lampshades dance alongside romantic Louis-Philippe mirrors and porcelain tableware displayed on open shelves, evoking a nostalgic sense of family homes. It’s the charm of yesteryear in its purest form.

A quintessentially Norman longhouse.

A quintessentially Norman longhouse.

The ideal of a Norman
family home

When we talk about a family home, we spontaneously imagine a reassuring and rich universe filled with inherited objects and cherished finds—a cheerful mess that speaks volumes about us and our loved ones. This is the atmosphere Aurélie has created in her Roquerie, which she discovered just three years ago in Genneville. Despite its recent acquisition, the illusion of a long-held family heirloom works wonders.

The host has worked within these generous volumes—a cathedral-like living room, a kitchen, and three bedrooms, one of which is in an alcove—using a rich, layered decoration that doesn’t shy away from abundance. This is evident in the layering of linens in the sleeping areas, with sheets, duvets, numerous patterned cushions, and eiderdowns, as well as the multitude of flea market finds scattered throughout the house. For example, several brass candlesticks paired with an array of old portraits are hung above the lion-footed bathtub, creating the perfect setting to tell a thousand and one stories. Both the interiors and the equally enchanting green exterior offer an inviting atmosphere.

Portrait of Aurélie, the mastermind and jack-of-all-trades at La Roquerie.

Portrait of Aurélie, the mastermind and jack-of-all-trades at La Roquerie.

Living on
English time

Due to its history (notably the Second World War landing) and its location along the English Channel, Normandy is undeniably linked to Great Britain. La Roquerie is no exception. Here, Aurélie pays homage to this intimate connection with the UK by infusing a countryside spirit into the house, particularly in the red kitchen adorned with vintage teapots that invite you to enjoy tea time while facing the garden.

But it’s her library, with its English club atmosphere and collection of diamond-cut carafes, that we especially love. In this cozy space, you can hear the crackling of the fireplace. You let your hand randomly select a book, allowing you to travel far beyond Normandy as you read. It’s a refuge where you can escape from everyday life, wander, and feel truly at ease.

I love you

A well-deserved tea time at La Roquerie.

A well-deserved tea time at La Roquerie.

Adopted and deeply in love with Normandy, Aurélie fell for the region from her very first excursions to the birthplace of Impressionism. As an epicurean, she knows better than anyone how to authentically share her passion for these rolling lands. ‘In this landscape where the light is never the same, there is no room for boredom,’ she assures. And you believe her.

Because the proximity to the sea just minutes away, as well as to the forest – right at the doorstep – are just as many horizons to explore. In Deauville, you can stroll along the boardwalk and try horseback riding on the beach. Further east in Honfleur, you can taste oysters on the ‘Union fait la force’ boat before visiting the Eugène Boudin Museum to admire the ethereal works of the Impressionists. Nature, culture, and gastronomy: honestly, what more could one ask for?

The 3 things

we love the most

The feeling of being in an Impressionist painting
The library where one can read near the fireplace
The English-inspired decor that transports us across the Channel


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Destination Genneville


Deauville-Normandie airport

15 min

Pont-L’Évêque train station

16 min

Deauville-Trouville train station

24 min


L’Union fait la force (oyster bar)

18 min

L’Huître Brûlée (fish & seafood)

18 min

Les Impressionnistes - La Ferme Saint-Siméon (gastronomic)

21 min

Shops and Craft workshops

L'Haras’tatouille (organic farm)

2 min

Le Fournil 1672 (bakery)

321 min

Nature, Culture and Heritage

Honfleur harbor

18 min

Eugène Boudin museum

19 min

Planches de Deauville

28 min

La Roquerie

50 Chem. de la Roquerie, 14600, Genneville, France

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