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Detail of a wooden piece of furniture
Detail of a wooden piece of furniture



A quaint Normandy countryside cottage to pause and unwind during your stay.

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Just a stone’s throw from the English Channel, decorator Laurence du Tilly breathes new life into a former 65m² barn. The simple volumes set the tone for the living space and beckon to recharge in the midst of nature.

A quaint Normandy countryside cottage to pause and unwind during your stay.

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The Annexe is the rustic counterpart to my first establishment, l'hôtel particulier Chez Laurence du Tilly. An old barn with modest volumes revived by contemporary decoration.

In the former farmhouse of a sharecropper, decorator Laurence du Tilly has brought to life her vision of a humble bucolic retreat that feels like home the instant you step through the door. The Annexe: a project of a 2.0 countryside cottage nestled in Normandy following her first, more upscale establishment, Chez Laurence du Tilly. This 65m² rental space is embraced as a tranquil sanctuary, secluded from the hustle and bustle of the world. Surrounded only by fields and a few locals, visitors are immersed in an environment that naturally encourages them to disconnect and unwind during their stay.

And that’s precisely why the house is a victim of its own success! Originally a modest livestock barn, the structure has been completely transformed to accommodate a group of four. The redesign included a modern extension that introduced two terraces, offering unbeatable vantage points over the surroundings. Especially the “fabulous Normandy sunsets” adored by the owner!

An escape to the countryside
but with the unmistakable flair of Laurence du Tilly

Near Caen, close to her first establishment, Laurence presents ‘a countryside version of her accommodation concept.’ An intimate address that captivates with its tranquility where the owner shares her vision of a certain art of living. In this small, once-abandoned house in the countryside and on its surrounding land, Laurence, a true Norman at heart, has crafted a wellness experience where decor is integral to the charm.

Here, there’s a deliberate blending of styles and materials. Plenty of wood, but also velvet and rattan. A setting with depth, ideal for discovering Laurence’s creations that punctuate the spaces here and there. Like her IBIZA metal dining table with its velvety hue that invites you to sit down. Or her Soeur lamps with playful and graphic shapes that pique curiosity.

The eclectic living room showcases contemporary furniture designed by Laurence, the owner of the place.

The eclectic living room showcases contemporary furniture designed by Laurence, the owner of the place.

Outdoor living

The summer kitchen under the awning of The Annexe.

The summer kitchen under the awning of The Annexe.

Laurence du Tilly not only prioritizes the decoration of The Annexe but also focuses on the quality of services offered. Nestled in nature, she provides bespoke services tailored to well-being, available upon request. These include yoga classes and massages, enhancing this verdant retreat where relaxation is paramount.

These relaxing activities can continue in the Swedish bath, installed out of sight with its breathtaking view of the fields. Guests can enjoy it throughout the seasons in this region with a mild climate where one never suffers from the heat. ‘A pleasant place to live between land and sea where everything is within reach once you step out of The Annexe,’ Laurence tells us. How could one not be captivated?

The 3 things

we love the most

The sunny terrace above the extension
The summer kitchen under its awning
The decoration blending vintage finds with Laurence's contemporary creations


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Destination Colomby-Anguerny


Caen Airport

18 min

Caen Train Station

20 min


Au père tranquille

12 min

La vraie vie

15 min


18 min

Shops and Craft workshops

Le Torréfacteur (coffee)

10 min

Ferme de Billy (farm)

13 min

Nature, Culture and Heritage

Musée des beaux arts de Caen (museum)

16 min

Caen historic center

16 min

D-Day beaches

41 min


21 Rue de l'Église, Colomby-Anguerny, France

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