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front of the house
front of the house


La Maison Maroc

A hidden manor house in the heart of Burgundian nature

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Heading to Puisaye in Burgundy, just two hours from Paris, where La Maison Maroc stands tall. A natural retreat where one delights in losing track of time.

A hidden manor house in the heart of Burgundian nature

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"Experience privileged moments with a magnificent view of La forêt du Maroc."

A particularly warm elegance defines this family home. Designed to host up to 14 guests, it was created by two friends as a haven for peaceful gatherings and cherishing timeless moments together. With four double bedrooms and a charming dormitory for six children, each space is decorated with meticulous care and an inviting warmth that feels just like home. Guests can look forward to activities like exploring the enigmatic Forêt du Maroc, cookie-making workshops, board games, and even a guided session of picking and preparing edible flowers, culminating in a tasting served on superb vintage dishes.

A decor filled with softness.

An instant love affair: a chic, thrifted wooden and caned lounge chair.

An instant love affair: a chic, thrifted wooden and caned lounge chair.

Built in the 1920s by a wealthy Mexican for his beloved, this historic residence was once known as the “Château du Maroc”—a title perhaps too grand for the cozy sanctuary imagined by Caroline and Kanèle, who affectionately renamed it “La Maison Maroc.”

The decor, distinctly old-world in style, almost bourgeois with its chandeliers, wooden staircase, antique furniture, tapestries, marble fireplaces, and large gilded mirrors, also features carefully selected new furniture pieces. The living room and dining room, awash in natural light and separated by large glass doors, offer a bright and sophisticated space. At night, the crystal chandeliers can be illuminated, casting a warm light across the exquisite herringbone parquet flooring. Both stylish and comfortable, the spacious layout (enhanced by the removal of one of the original kitchens to enlarge the area) serves as the heart of the home.

A standout feature of La Maison Maroc is the original silk and jute tapestries in the bedrooms. These have been carefully preserved and integrated into the overall decor, adding unique character to each room. Caroline and Kanèle took great joy in sourcing and repurposing second-hand pieces, uncovering genuine treasures that contribute to the home’s charm.

An off-the-beaten-path nature retreat.

The external allure of Maison Maroc is equally captivating and reminiscent of a Belle Époque seaside villa. Its distinct feature, a tower topped with a belvedere, provides a 360-degree panoramic view of the surrounding forest, setting this house apart.

From this vantage point, guests get a taste of the full immersion in nature offered by the park, even before stepping outside. The park is a sanctuary of lime trees, century-old sequoias, plane trees, and includes an orchard where apples are harvested and shared with guests.

Caroline and Kanèle have meticulously crafted Maison Maroc to awaken your senses, ensuring a sensory journey throughout your stay. They’ve curated a special playlist to immerse you in the unique atmosphere, with a preview available just below. The focus here is on nature first, then cuisine, and finally art, to round out the experience. They welcome artists in residence, such as photographers, ceramists, and painters, whose creations adorn the house’s walls. A delightful discovery for you is the chance to purchase these artworks, allowing you to bring a piece of Maison Maroc home with you.

The experience is complemented by personalized concierge service, offering exclusive activities, a tailor-made welcome, daily housekeeping, and a gourmet breakfast.

White tablecloth + nature = a perfect match.

White tablecloth + nature = a perfect match.

The 3 things

we love the most

The belvedere and its view!
A manor house, and the style that goes along with it
Dishes, plates, and glasses, by the thousands.


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Destination Saints-en-Puisaye


Auxerre Station

41 min



29 min

Le Noyo

36 min

Shops and Craft workshops

Poterie de la Batisse

5 min

Galerie de l'Ancienne Poste

19 min

Nature, Culture and Heritage

La Maison de Colette

4 min

Guédelon Castle

9 min


13 min

Lac du Bourdon

16 min

La Maison Maroc

Les Bois Fendus, 89520, Saints-en-Puisaye, France

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