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Large view on the pool, the pool-house and the main house at Les Bords du Lac
Large view on the pool, the pool-house and the main house at Les Bords du Lac


Les Bords du Lac

The Dream Ocean Villa

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With Les Bords du Lac, Iconic House reveals its vision of the Ocean House – a dreamy pied-à-terre, just a stone’s throw from the most beautiful rollers of the Atlantic. A chic, sunny universe, resolutely Californian, brilliantly imagined by Dorothée Delaye.

The Dream Ocean Villa

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An ambitious new project, marked by strong design choices in terms of materials and colours.

The house is ideally located on the west bank of the marine lake, with direct access to the legendary Plage Blanche (close to the famous Club des Pingouins), the ocean, and the Hossegor town center just 5 minutes away by bike. Unquestionably one of the most beautiful locations in the town. This address is ideally suited to attract surfers, golfers, and other lovers of beauty, whether they are groups of friends or “cool families” seeking a new “hot spot” for an idyllic vacation in the region. Here, guests can truly live in harmony with the tides.

The Villa boasts six suites – each with its own bathroom, divided between the main house and the conciergerie – a heated swimming pool (with a view of the lake, of course), a large, sociable kitchen featuring blue-tinted quartz echoing the nearby ocean, and a “Kids Paradise,” the collection’s signature concept, a sort of dreamy children’s dormitory-playroom concealing a massive wall of legos on the shores of the lake.

The stunning terrace facing the calm atmosphere of the Marine Lake of Hossegor - © Mr Tripper

The stunning terrace facing the calm atmosphere of the Marine Lake of Hossegor - © Mr Tripper

The decoration by Dorothée Delaye
Boldness and uniqueness

Dorothée Delayee - © Sarah Arnould

Dorothée Delayee - © Sarah Arnould

Following over six months of extensive refurbishment and a complete redesign of the interiors, the house emerges as surprising, astonishing, and truly unique, firmly establishing its distinctive style. The decor audaciously embraces some of the beloved clichés of Californian design. At Les Bords du Lac, guests are invited into the intimate world of a surfer aesthete who prefers the unconventional, reflecting the owners’ spirit. They are deeply involved in the renovation of each house in their Collection, ensuring that each property bears their unique and creative touch.

For the project, Dorothée Delaye and her teams will be working with craftsmen to create a host of bespoke pieces, including armchairs, bedside tables, and mirrors designed in solid wood with a local cabinetmaker, a huge ‘Surf’ dining table (one of the Villa’s masterpieces) and a unique coffee table with bronze legs and pink blown glass inserts. “We also had a lot of fun bringing together fabric designers such as Pierre Frey and Gaston y Daniela with more retro furniture. The spirit of the 70s will be evoked in dashes without ever becoming an excessive obsession,” adds Dorothée Delaye.

The decorator drew her inspiration from California and her childhood memories of summers spent in the South West of France to create a sunny, warm and ambitious interior. There was no question of duplicating the decor in every room. Going against the grain of certain (unfortunate) hotel habits, each area of the Villa develops its singular universe with its own strong choices of materials, colors, textures, and effects of volume and form.

Gorgeous Gloss
& Sleek Lines.

Gloss, once overlooked in the world of interior design, is experiencing a resurgence, recognized by bold designers for its ability to impart a wonderfully sophisticated and extravagant flair. For Les Bords du Lac, Dorothée embraced this trend, using gloss to invigorate the interiors. She revitalized the ceilings and floors with striking monochromatic designs, achieving a stylish and visually contemporary effect. The property’s wooden furniture has been meticulously polished, resulting in an impressively radiant shine. The decor of Les Bords du Lac features daring glossy colors: a green ceiling in the living room and a yellow ceiling in one of the bedrooms, complemented by wood paneling that draws inspiration from surf culture. This bold use of gloss creates a unique and lively atmosphere within the property.

Stripes are a constant theme, creating a seaside feel and a resolutely Californian style: whether of uniform or varying widths, they appear on curtains, headboards, and the vast white and green outdoor bench, creating an incredible Instagrammable backdrop for a poolside shot. The property’s lighting (one of Dorothée’s obsessions) creates the perfect finishing touch.

Artistic Curation
Josephine Fossey

Steven Burke, aka Lucky Left Hand, has created a custom piece for Les Bords du Lac: incredibly colorful and with a naive style, it’s inspired by the landscapes of Hossegor, which he has made his home. There is also a mural in one of the bathrooms and a series of painted ceramic plates made by Atelier Franca, a French artistic duo. Their illustrations evoke the region and the house, inspired by a poetic sense of imagination. A custom piece was created by the Basque painter Grégory Cuquel, who draws, glues, and paints to create surreal scenes inspired by local nature.

The villa showcases a stunning selection of photographs, including a traditional film series by Elodie Villalon shot in Les Landes and outstanding works by renowned photographers Sébastien Zanella and Romain Laprade. Surfing posters and vintage photos decorate the walls in boldly chosen frames. In the pool house, a captivating mural by Bayonne artist Sonia Laudet creates a dreamy interplay of colors, shapes, and textures, enhancing the villa’s vibrant atmosphere.

The 3 things


The direct access to the Marine lake
The unique décor by Dorothée Delaye
The Kate electric car at disposal for the guests


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Destination Hossegor


Biarritz airport

35 min

Biarritz train station

35 min

Dax train station

35 min


Chez Pif

5 min

The Lake House

6 min


7 min

Shops and Craft workshops

Glaces Romane (Icecream)

3 min

Marché de Capbreton (Market)

10 min

Domaine de la pointe (vineyard)

11 min

Wasted talent (concept store)

11 min

Nature, Culture and Heritage

Golf Hossegor

4 min

étang noir

11 min

Les Bords du Lac

802 avenue du tour du lac, 40150, Soorts-Hossegor, France

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