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large open kitchen and central bar
large open kitchen and central bar


Villa Sciurus

The Basque-Landes house, the 2022 way

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Through the pines and cork oaks of Hossegor, the Villa Sciurus comes into view. This emblematic property, finely renovated in 2022, offers a refined immersion in the cultural and natural richness of the region.

The Basque-Landes house, the 2022 way

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"Each room resonates with a different name and story."

With its distinctive Landes-inspired “fern leaf” roof that gracefully overhangs, a stone base complemented by a bright white rendering adorned with eye-catching red tiles, Villa Scirius adheres faithfully to architectural tradition. Crafted in 1930 by the celebrated Gomez brothers, iconic architects of the resort, this villa embodies the very essence of Basque-Landes architecture. As the (big!) latest addition to the Les Maisons Fabel collection, it’s unequivocally “the most accomplished in terms of personal artistic intent and collaboration with artists and craftsmen,” a confirmation echoed by none other than Emmanuel Cazals himself. Don’t forget to explore the room paying tribute to the Gomez brothers and the one dedicated to the captivating world of Oscar Niemeyer.

The culmination of a dream

This large three-story house, just a stone’s throw from the town center and Lac d’Hossegor and right next to the Sporting Casino, has undergone several transformations to transform into a customized living space. Notably, on the second floor, the previous service rooms have been artfully converted into a kitchen and dining area.

Explore the Villa’s 380 m2 and be inspired by the Cobogo room, which celebrates the work of Marianne Peretti and her Passoris, located in Le Havre in front of Oscar Niemeyer’s building; the Scoutinerie room, with its cement tile headboard – a signature of Maisons Fabel; the famous Gomez desk, containing engraved archive plans; the legendary LC6 desk by Le Corbusier; and a Scandinavian-designed Jacobsen chair. In the living room, a spectacular table by Maximilien Pellet, once exhibited at Villa Noailles, catches our eye. Our personal favorite is the Été 1981 room, which immerses you in Delphine Cauly’s artistic universe, capturing the enchantment of Hossegor. This remarkable blend of artistic expression and research reflects Emmanuel’s visionary approach.

Office dedicated to the history of the Gomez brothers.

Office dedicated to the history of the Gomez brothers.

Unforgettable moments

Outside, the villa reveals an expansive garden where squirrels frolic among the cork oaks, adding to the enchanting fauna that contributes to Hossegor’s allure. The substantial 13-meter heated swimming pool, featuring a shallow point of 2.1 meters, is surrounded by a garden lounge complete with HAY furniture. This is where we often spend extended hours: initially, gathered around the barbecue, then arranged around the exquisite large garden table, and finally, coming together to enjoy a delightful meal. And, of course, let’s not overlook the importance of EQ sun cream, thoughtfully selected by Emmanuel for its ocean-friendly qualities.

Great location and services
– to make the most of your stay.

For the younger guests, the villa is equipped with a selection of books, board games, and essential baby gear—an array of delightful surprises suitable for all ages! What’s more, to elevate the concept of a family-friendly oceanfront vacation home, Villa Sciurus has introduced an array of exciting new features.

In addition to daily breakfast and housekeeping, you’ll receive a bike for your personal use upon arrival. This allows you to freely explore the beach, town center, and lakeshore from the moment you arrive. Make sure to return in time for the stunning sunset over the water. Afterward, you won’t want to miss Chez Jerome, a renowned oyster shack that offers the perfect way to start your evening with the freshest taste of the sea. And if you have any evening reservations to make, our concierge service is at your disposal.

The épicerie ready to be raided!

The épicerie ready to be raided!

The 3 things

we love the most

Vibrant decoration and a house-museum feel
Services, little luxuries that make all the difference
A natural canopy above the pool


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Destination Hossegor


Biarritz airport

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Biarritz train station

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Dax train station

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Chez Pif

5 min

The Lake House

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7 min

Shops and Craft workshops

Glaces Romane (Icecream)

3 min

Marché de Capbreton (Market)

10 min

Domaine de la pointe (vineyard)

11 min

Wasted talent (concept store)

11 min

Nature, Culture and Heritage

Golf Hossegor

4 min

étang noir

11 min

Villa Sciurus

190 avenue des Yuccas, 40150, Soorts-Hossegor, France

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