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Le Touquet

Les Villas du Touquet

Two ideal villas for a group getaway in Le Touquet

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Situated across from each other, Villa Touquettoise and Villa Cape Cod are two charming half-timbered townhouses. “La Bleue” and “La Rouge” are just 200 meters from the sea and come with their own beach cabin. Pure luxury!

Two ideal villas for a group getaway in Le Touquet

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"Some prefer the red one, with its sea-view balcony and its mysterious room, while others favor the charm of the blue one... and its sauna!"

Villa Touquettoise marks Emmanuel Cazals’ inaugural foray onto the mainland with Les Maisons Fabel, a series of seaside homes tailored for family vacations. Le Touquet, a legendary retreat for Parisians craving the sea breeze, is beloved year-round for its vibrant streets, cherished by locals and visitors alike, making it a genuinely sought-after spot. Owning a home in Le Touquet is great, but having two homes there, merely a sidewalk apart is perfect for those who prefer vacationing with a crowd! Plus, the location couldn’t be better: nestled in the city’s center, a stone’s throw from the expansive beaches and the famous children’s clubs the resort town is known for.

Two villas, endless possibilities!

The sauna: one of the (many) treasures of these two villas.

The sauna: one of the (many) treasures of these two villas.

The two neo-Norman houses, with their traditional red and blue half-timbering and Marquise stone, are multi-story structures, each boasting a particularly welcoming layout. Both houses have five beautiful rooms, each adorned with themed decor. Villa Touquettoise, offering a slightly more intimate atmosphere, can comfortably accommodate ten people, just two fewer than its neighboring counterpart.

Choosing rooms is perhaps the biggest challenge of the vacation, as each house presents its own set of unique perks. On the Cape Cod side, stunning sea views and abundant sunlight lend it an exclusive edge. The presence of two staircases facilitates smooth flow and a nice separation between spaces, including a hidden room perched high up—a secret haven where children can vanish into their world of play and adventure entirely off the radar unless specifically sought out by their parents. Comic book fans will be thrilled with the extensive comic book bar. Villa Touquettoise, in contrast, dedicates its entire basement to youthful entertainment, creating a haven for play. It also features a sauna, a cozy luxury that can be extended to guests from the neighboring villa by invitation. The living room, with its wood-burning fireplace, becomes a warm gathering spot in winter, while a quaint landscaped garden rounds off the offerings, making each villa a distinct choice for guests with varied preferences.

“The garden is the beach!”

The beach cabins of Le Touquet, all in vibrant colors!

The beach cabins of Le Touquet, all in vibrant colors!

For those unfamiliar with Le Touquet, it’s essential to know that the beach here is a true institution, starting with the traditional beach cabin! In fact, Emmanuel waited for more than 10 years to be awarded what is considered the ultimate prize here. So once he got his hands on it, he filled it with treasures for his guests: beach toys, lounge chairs, Mölkky, cricket sets, buckets, shovels, fishing nets… Everything is there.

The beach also hosts numerous clubs for land sailing, kite surfing, and other beach sports. With their large inflatable castles, children’s clubs promise a family-friendly atmosphere (and a bit of rest for the parents, too!). In the evening, large family picnics are organized on the beach. And if dessert was forgotten on the kitchen counter, no problem: the house is just a dozen meters away…

Les 3 choses

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The incredibly warm family atmosphere
The capacity to accommodate large groups
The ideal location, just a stone's throw from the sea and shops


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Destination Le Touquet


Etaples Le Touquet Station

11 min


0 min

Le Paris

3 min

Le Mezquité

6 min

La Base Nord

7 min

Sur Mer

15 min

Shops and Craft workshops

Le Touquet market

2 min

Au Chat Bleu (chocolate)

4 min

Au gré des blés (bakery)

24 min

Nature, Culture and Heritage

Baie de la Canche

14 min

La Madelaine-sous-Montreuil

22 min


30 min

Les Villas du Touquet

165 rue de Paris, 62520, Le Touquet-Paris-Plage, France

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