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View of the town house and swimming pool
View of the town house and swimming pool


La Maison de Ville

The ideal townhouse in Marseille

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The ideal vacation home in the heart of Marseille. Straight from Enamoura’s imaginary, it is sublimated by Provencal craftsmanship, in an ultra-Mediterranean setting. Discover the swimming pool and fisherman’s hut.

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The ideal townhouse in Marseille

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"You live with these objects during stay, and you can take them home with you to make the feeling last back at home."

In the 6ᵉ arrondissement, just a stone’s throw from the mythical Vieux Port, lies the Vauban district, prized for its authentic atmosphere, cafés, and gastronomic eateries. It’s the ideal base for any Marseille getaway. By happy coincidence, this is where La Maison de Ville is located. This unique house, part of the Enamoura collection of vacation homes, stands out with its sleek aesthetics and artisanal charm. Designed to accommodate up to 9 people comfortably, it’s surrounded by greenery and features a charming courtyard with a lovely swimming pool – a touch of luxury that elevates any vacation.

Meticulous decoration
– with noble materials

Enamoura hanging lamps by the talented Magali Avignon - © Adel Fecih.

Enamoura hanging lamps by the talented Magali Avignon - © Adel Fecih.

Behind its unassuming facade, this hidden oasis is not visible from the street. Once inside, you discover the result of a monumental renovation masterfully executed by Magali Avignon, the eternal vacationer and founder of Enamoura. It’s an intimate space with white-washed walls, creating an open, airy feel. The same finish is applied to a large built-in bench, giving the area a distinctly Mediterranean style.

The predominance of natural materials such as wood, rattan, raffia, and stone instantly transports us into a Provencal universe. The home features the brand’s signature lighting fixtures: pendant lamps made of red or white terracotta, chamotte stoneware, porcelain, or mixed earth. This collection of materials adds a unique character to the home, enhancing its welcoming and authentic atmosphere.

An intimate house
perfect for small groups

In this Marseille abode, the design skillfully balances open spaces with cozy, private areas. On the first floor, the living room, with its large wooden benches and colorful vintage armchairs, serves multiple purposes: dining, playing board games, or even as additional sleeping space. Adjacent to this multifunctional area is a bedroom resembling a glassed-in workshop, complete with an adjoining bathroom. This bathroom, a white, mineral cocoon, features an impressive rough-cut stone basin and opens onto the garden. The first floor is equally charming, with twin bedrooms offering views over the rooftops of Marseille and a vast dining and living area. The latter, blending 50s furniture with contemporary touches, extends onto a suspended terrace shaded by a trellis, perfect for escaping under the Mediterranean sky.

An ode to lifestyle
– in Marseille

Outside, the highlight of the show is the swimming pool, an unusual feature in the heart of the cité phocéenne. Surrounded by a small lawn and a sofa area, it’s the perfect place to cool off on sunny days. Tucked away at the end of the garden is a picturesque “fisherman’s hut,” which serves as the fourth bedroom. This independent space, complete with its own bathroom, can comfortably accommodate up to three people.

More than just a vacation home, it’s a showcase of savoir-faire and savoir-vivre. A little paradise where nothing is left to chance: every object and piece of furniture is meticulously hunted or carefully selected… The unique atmosphere of the city offers guests an immersive experience. And the best part? You can take a piece of this ambiance home with you! All Enamoura pieces are available for sale (including the suspension in collaboration with the famous potter Mation Graux!).

Pond or pool, call it what you will: it's a real little luxury - © Adel Fecih.

Pond or pool, call it what you will: it's a real little luxury - © Adel Fecih.

The 3 things

we love the most

The Minorque feeling in the heart of Marseille
The secret garden with swimming pool
The independent "fisherman's hut"


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La Maison de Ville

11 Rue de Montevideo, 13006, Marseille, France

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